Monday, January 17, 2011

This time...last year...

What up folk, no. G.D.!

So I had this GREAT idea for a 2010 wrap-up blog post that I was going to post on December 30th...

Then I was going to post it on December 31st...

Then 2011 was here, so it seemed pointless.

But I'm still going to do it, but on some reminiscing type stuff. So here is the first installment of "This One Time In Band Camp This Time...Last Year..."

America's Next Red Pump Model

I am the accountant for the Red Pump Project and this time last year, we had a photo shoot. I was in the fashion show every year at good ole Bradley U, but the photo shoot is different. We were there ALL DAY, but it was worth it because the pics came out BEAUTIFUL! We slayed an abundance of hoes!

It was also at this photoshoot where I had my eyebrows arched for the first time in my life. Alls my life, I thought my eyebrows were too thin to be arched or anything...until that photoshoot! So I've gone to get my eyebrows arched a few times since the photoshoot.

No lie, nobody could tell me sheeit that day! I wanted to sleep in my make-up and eyelashes! That's how good I felt. Shout out to Andrea Camille and TPP Photography for the hoe slayage help! :-)

K to the...

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