Monday, October 26, 2009

"Straight up...pimpin, if you want me you can find me in the A!"

I know, I know...I'm slacking with my posts.

Dangit, I said I KNOW!

As you can see from the title of this post, I'm in the A for training for work. Not bad, not bad. They do need to put a Waffle House downtown, though. Then maybe...JUST maybe, I could eat Waffle House for the first time while sober...and before midnight.

Don't judge me.

Anywho, I spent time with some of my favorite girls Friday AND Saturday.. and boy did I have a blast. So much of a blast, I can't even be upset that I lost my phone, which was like a computer on my hip.

Anywho, after spending time with my peeps...I must say that I am fortunate to have these young women in my life. So for the women out there who always say "I only hang with guys, I don't hang with females...too much drama"...

It's real unfortunate that you don't have girls like I do.

K to the...

P.S. If anyone can tell me what comes on USA during the week at 6p EST, that would grand. I swear, every time I look up...they freaking. Dang, at least wait till the sun goes down...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Message Monday 10.19.9

Hey young world,

I'm a bit late with the post today. I was off on Friday, so I had to do work. Yeah, I know...shut my mouth WIDE open!!!

So today for lunch, I had a dee-lish and ever-so-filling-one-course meal for lunch.

A Hot Pocket!

You jealous?

So anywho, my dessert of choice was a 6-pack of the classic mini donuts...POWDERED! Now we all know, these donuts are messy as "that thang"*. To top it all off, I have on dark pants today. So I already know to be wary of how the donuts are being devoured so I won't have folk on the bus looking at my pants like I got some "afternoon delight" bast** on my pants.

So today I'd like to share with you a surefire way to eat powdered donuts without looking like you've been "Lewinskyed"

Have a napkin with you, a bottle of water, and rock one of THESE in your favorite color.

It works! I'm on donut #4 and it ain't a stain on me!!! lol Get like me!

K to the...

* - I still don't know what "that thang" is
** - Past tense of "bust". Look it up!***
*** - iKeed...but you were gonna do it, weren't you?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"...cuz I love you to a teenager, so you might not want my advice.."

Good morning folk (No G.D.)

This morning's random post is inspired by a serious talk I had with my little sister after she turned 14 a couple months ago. Seeing as though I'm 22*, that means I've been where she is now. So, today, I thought I'd share some words of wisdom that you, too, can tell your teenage-sister when it's time to have "The Talk."




"Don't have sex...or your vajayjay will fall out!"

Then give em this look

Good day!

K to the...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"'Stank stank' means you got the funkiest..."

First let me say, writing a blog can be time consuming...especially when you're trying to update at work and folk try to give you work to do. Oh, you want me to EARN this salary, sir? Earn deez!

So today's Hump Day post isn't as haphazard as others. But I think speaking on this will make the world a better place...for you, me and the entire human race (Yess, Michael)

I have a strong nose, so some ish I smell can be really detrimental to my nose hairs at times. Look, I know everyone has their bad breath moments...I am no exception! But when those moments occur more than usual e'ryday, then dangit, something needs to be done!

Every morning, this guy comes in my office and seems to forget to take his bad breath with him when he leaves. It's like he uses every word that has the 'h' syllable, causing him to exert more breath when he talks; and he talks ALOT. I don't even want to stand face to face with him to talk.

It's that serrus!

I'd like to think I'm a pretty tactful person. But when it comes to breath so bad, it can gag a donkey...I just don't know what to say. I mean, unless you are a monkey, the top lip is usually no more than an inch from your nostrils. So you mean to tell me these people can't smell what's being emitted through their oral orifice?

So, how do you say, "Ay man, yo breath be kickin'...may I interest you in a lifetime supply of Stride" without having to duck because they're trying to tell you what the fingers said to the face?

With me returning to the world of public transportation...I know I'm gonna encounter even MORE of the Bad Breath Bobs and Bettys.

I guess I'll just continue to hold my breath, and pray I don't pass out!

K to the...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"And I wonder..." 10.6.9

You ever feel like you just care too much?

That's exactly how I've been feeling lately, and I just can't shake it. Like the weight of the world is on my shoulder.

For once, I'd like to be a b*tch not care, but I can't. It's the Sagittarius in me.

Care for DEEZ!

K to the...

P.S. Yess, two posts two days in a row. Tomorrow's know what that means! That's right...Hump Day Haphazardness *Giggity*

Monday, October 5, 2009

"People never get the flowers, while they can still smell 'em..."

I have been busier than a one-legged punt kicker at the gig the past couple of weeks. We're moving downtown...and beginning to use new accounting software. So that means I've had to EARN my pay. Yeah, I know...who does that in the land of cubicles. :-)

My city, Chi-City, has been in the news in a bad spotlight for the past two weeks with the violence. Yesterday, the violence hit close to home with the loss of a colleague of mine. I was speechless and hurt as I held the phone at 843a hearing this terrible news. But it hurt even more to see how others were dealing with the loss...from my sorors to my fellow Carnations (T.S.O.P.) to Greeks to Bradley Braves to Chicagoans.

Based on all the facebook statuses, notes, and even my memories...he left behind a legacy of being a father of two, a son, a man of Phi Beta Sigma, a Mason, and most importantly a man full of life who was fun to be around, cared for others, and blew your mind with his intelligence. Quite simply, and pardon my French (which is really English), he was THAT NI**A!

So today, I ask you...

What will your legacy be when you're gone?

Good morning!

K to the...