Monday, September 20, 2010

Love & Basketball Chronicles...9.20.10 pt. deux

Like I've said before, I've come across different types of men at the gym. I was so disgusted by the guys I would see, that any "gym rat", was NOT boyfriend potential, for me.

Well, my theory was proven wrong. Maybe because he doesn't have a membership at the Y. It's something about the level "bitch" in those Y cats that...

Wait, what was I saying?

Anywho, I used to be too friendly when it came to giving out my phone number. I would give guys my number, thinking they'll be cool...but then they'll turn out to be crazy, like this cat here.

So I stopped doing that ish. But I'd notice that some guys would just give me their numbers, without me asking; the same guys I had NO interest in.

Let's take it back...way back...but not really. Let's rewind to LAST YEAR (that's right, 2009).

I'm walking to my car as I'm leaving the gym and this guy walks out with me. He willingly gives me his number...I said I MIGHT call him. MIGHT! I think I may have seen him once or twice after that.

Now fast forward to July of THIS YEAR.

I see him and I say "what's up?"

He rolls his eyes at me.


I mean he rolled them so hard I should have hit him with the "You can roll em, you can control em, but you sholl can't..."

We ended up on the same team. He'll say what was necessary (ya know simple ish like "shoot the J...SHOOT IT!"1), but once the game is over, he still wouldn't speak to me.

It wasn't until last week when I was chatting with the Young Blood that he decides to speak.

So I hit him with the "now you wanna speak?" This is when he said he was mad at me because I didn't call him...LAST YEAR! He said he'll speak next time I see him....after he tried to give me his number, again!!!

What did we learn today, boys and girls?

Some men wear briefs...then you have some that wear panties. lol

K to the...

1. I was shullbitting. lol

Love & Basketball Chronicles: Hate Edition 9.20.10

Hello there, sports fans.

Time for another installment in “The Love & Basketball Chronicles: Hate edition”.

This post is about the "Young Meat". For those who didn’t read my blogpost on what a young meat is, here’s a quick review.

After a two week hiatus due to the basketball courts being closed, the gym is back open. So last week, as I was waiting for my game, I went off to the side to shoot some free throws. Well, this young gentleman, who we’ll call “Young Blood” decides to shoot around with me. No problem. Then, it turns into a series of free throw shooting contests, best out of 5. I’m thinking it’s all good (as in no flirting) because this Y.B. is aware of my age.

I was wrong.

So it gets to the tie breaking shot, and he goes “7-7-3.” I laugh it off like “I know he isn’t tryna ask for my number on the sly.

He was.

And he repeats it again. I wave him off, because I AIN'T GOING!!!

Before we left the gym, he says “You owe me!” I told him I owe him a Gatorade for losing.

Better to restore your electrolytes, rather than have your ego shattered by me NOT giving you my digits.

K to the...