Thursday, February 16, 2012

#BARS: Rapid Refund Edition

Today's post is number 100 on Fantastical Randomocity!  *throws 100-shaped confetti*  I don't know if this is significant or not...but we'll just keep the party going.

Now, don't quote me on this, but it is a scientific fact that Instant messenger programs were invented SOLELY to maintain one's sanity.  Aside from maintaining sanity, these programs also help start rap careers...that need not exist.  Check out the G-chat freestyle battle between two Sagittarians, MC It's My Grant (myself) and MC Where's My Refund Check (Jordan) [Also seen on Tumblr].

*after a discussion about our wack income tax refunds for 2011*

MCIMG: gonna be a good year...I ain't talking about a tire/Jim Carrey "Liar, Liar"
MCWMRC: *passes u the mic* go get em
MCIMG: yo, yo...check it
progression, regression, recession, great depression
Super Bowl Sunday, who gon' throw an interception
MCWMRC: got an erection from the 08 election
no one showed affection, so much deception
I should be a Decepticon
mad my hairline mirrors Lebron's
MCIMG: That cul de sac hairline, word to Bron Bron
RIP to Cortez Cornelius, first name Don
MCWMRC: So I...witnessed KD In the Maxima
can I take u on a date is what I'm asking ya
she declined smoother than a babys ass
shoulda had better game with my lazy ass
tried to play for her heart, no love and basketball
bored expression on her face, I shouldn't have asked at all
but my button up was crispy
and no creases in my J's so how the f*** could she diss me?
LOL *passes mic*
MCIMG: *looks at ground and nods head* *notices dirt on boots* *wipes them off* *goes back to nodding*
Mara Hruby in my earphones, as I groove to the beat
no red leather jacket on, so the It, I can't Beat
Tryna regain composure after Jordan committed freestyle murder
"I'M SO HAPPY TO BE HEAH" like the African goat herder
But he wasn't a goat herder, he was a prince, Akeem
20 years later, Houston got the dream, HAKEEEEEM
*drops mic shakes left tit*

*pause for the cause, discusses freestyling in Vegas, on the strip, while inebriated (LOL), then...*

MCWMRC: spit in front of the Bellagio
lyrics drippin from our lips like a popsicle
damn I just drew a blank lol
MCIMG: hahahahha it rhymed, though
you good son...keep going!
MCWMRC: bring the beat back
uh uh
MCIMG: *lights candle*
LOL that was so random
MCWMRC: Lights candle? must be a vigil.
spittin in a cypher, one person in the middle.
*balls paper up* got damn it
*passes mic* lemme get my train of thought
MCIMG: You aight, son, we all draw blanks
it could be worse, you could be walking a plank
I can't swim, they say black people don't like water
but they like Joe Budden, who be in the House that be Slaughtered
MCIMG: *strokes imaginary beard*

We show you how to do this, son!

K to the...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random Rumblings

  • Happy Valentine's Day! :-D
  • No, I don't have a Valentine. 
  • When I first started this blog, I was posting multiple times a week.  Then I joined Twitter on 9/26/09, and different things I could have written about were tweeted.  Then Tumblr came along and I truly neglected my first-born, Fantastical Randomocity.  So, now I'm trying to regain her trust again.  *caresses the blog*
  • I deleted my Tumblr page.  I really wish there was a way I could have saved all of my original thoughts on there.  Maybe 30% of my posts were original thoughts; the rest was me reblogging pics or other folk's thoughts.  So, some of my Tumblr posts will be rehashed on here.
  • My grandmother hates all things Internet, especially Twitter.  So, she gave me some advice a few months back: WRITE IT DOWN!  Because of this, I keep a small notebook in my "everyday bag".  I haven't written in it, yet. A lot of the time, music takes away whatever is bothering me...or I talk to myself or God.
  • I don't like to be informed of when someone is tweeting mess about me.  If I'm not mentioned in a tweet about me, by someone I don't follow, then it's not meant for me to see.  It has only happened once in my new year.  I'd like for that to be the first and last time.
  • Having personal business (whether true or false) on the Internet sucks.
  • Being able to block folk from texting or calling you is a great.  Thanks, Sprint!  Now, if they can block folk from showing up at my door, unexpectedly...
  • I love my new tat.  The location is risque for me, but the words are a reminder that needs to be easily seen by me.
  • I've officially gone down one size in my jeans.
  • RIP Whitney Houston.  I still can't believe it. 
K to the...

Monday, February 6, 2012

So, yesterday...

Yeah, three blogposts in the past week.  Just let it ride, mmkay?

So, I don't have to say what yesterday was.  Even my unborn child knew what yesterday was.  But because of what yesterday was, we were treated to some very interesting commercials...yesterday.   I wasn't too impressed with the commercials, but there were three that stuck out that had me with the gigglefits.  See my top 3 commercials that were shown because of what yesterday was.  ;-)




Friday, February 3, 2012

Who run the world? BIRDS!

As a kid, in science class, I was told birds fly south for the winter. With my imagination, I pictured the birds flying to Florida hanging with their bird-cousins and having a grand ole time. Then, March hits, and they make their way back to the Chi.

Then, I grew up and realized that maybe I was told wrong.  Maybe the birds do not fly south.  If they did, I wouldn't have poop stains on my Bentley car during the winter months.  Maybe my teacher meant they fly to the South Side for winter.  Yeah, that's it.

So, I accepted the fact that all birds do not fly south for the winter. Just take a stroll down Wabash in downtown Chicago and you'll see a flock of ratchet auss pigeons looking for food, or just strolling down the street like it's nothing. 

Because these rat bastards do not fly south for the winter, they seek heat just like humans. This means taking over the heating lamps on a CTA platform.

Obviously, their feathers aren't enough to keep them warm.
Sometimes, it's just 2 pigeons; sometimes it's a waka flock of them!  Ever since I had lunch one day outside and a pigeon was 6 inches away from my french fries, I stay away from them.  I find a "safe spot" off to the side, like the lady in the pic, and stand there.  I don't bother the pigeons...and they don't bother me.

I'm at least 130 lbs heavier than these bastards.  But I'm the one that has to show them respect?  I see who run things around heah! 

K to the...