Friday, July 31, 2015

103 years later...

A few weeks ago, I randomly started reading books and watching movies that show the struggles of Black people in America, from the end of the Civil War up until the Civil Rights Movement. Earlier this week, I finished James Weldon Johnson's "The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man." Judging from the notes written in the book, it seems the last time I read this book was while I was in high school.

Though the book was published in 1912, it seemed like what was going on in the book is what is going on in America today. There were two quotes that stuck out to me in the book on which I wanted to write:

"I noticed that among this class of colored men the word 'nigger' was freely used in about the same sense as the word 'fellow,' and sometimes as a term of almost endearment; but I soon learned that is use was positively and absolutely prohibited to white men."

That word is still a term of endearment for those of us who still use it. The only difference, it seems, is that we say "Nigga," instead of "Nigger."

"I once heard a colored man sum it up in these words, 'It's no disgrace to be black, but it's often very inconvenient.'"

With all the injustices Blacks have been incurring recently, I feel like this quote applies today, just like it did 103 years ago when this book was published. I'm proud to be Black. But I do know that because of my complexion, I could get hurt or, worse, killed because I stood up for myself against an officer (black or white) who overstepped his or her boundary. I know that because of my complexion, I am seen as a threat more than someone who lacks melanin.


We've all heard the quote "The only thing constant is change." I think that quote could easily be changed to "The only things constant are change...and the struggles of a Black person in America."

K to the...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bifcake Chronicles: Yeah...right

Back in 2014, I exchanged numbers with a guy I hoop with (no-no) so we could hang out outside of the gym. He has about 8 years on me, so I figured (no-no) he'd be different than the others who have tried to holla. We went out to dinner, once. Had a good conversation and said we'd hang out again. From the beginning I told him that I wasn't lookin for a FWB*. I guess he took that as me wanting a relationship because after that, he had all the excuses in the world to not hang out; then the polar vortex wreaked havoc on the Midwest. I was comfortable sitting in the crib, cooking and watching Netflix solo dolo. Thanks, Winter.

After a while, I stopped communicating with him outside of sideline chatter in-between games at the gym. Well, during the NBA Finals, I get a text. His number was no longer in my phone, but I knew who it was from the area code. I had to remind him that he played me before. He apologizes.


So he's like he wants to hang out or what not. I'm thinking he wanted to go to a bar, eat, drink, and talk shit about the Cavs.

Nope, not his plan.

So the subject changes...start talking about yoga and then:
Feel free to go the cheap, lazy route of hanging out with someone else.

K to the...

*Friend with benefit

Monday, July 27, 2015

Now what?

I didn’t want to let the month of July go by without me updating the blog. There has been so much going on that I can blog about, but after I say to Self “I could blog about this,” something else happens that I can blog about. It's like monkey brain...but outside the brain. hahahaha

Last time I wrote, I mentioned how I got started with my certification class. I'm certified to what?

Well, because of people going on vacation and other summertime activities that occur, summer isn’t a good time to start a class. So, right now, I’m subbing when needed and posting to @AHoopinYogi.

I really like posting pics and videos, guiding others through poses. I’ve had people ask questions, and I’ve also learned about different ways to do different poses. Though I can teach others, that doesn’t mean that I stop learning, ya know?

I’m also really enjoying the now. Yes, I look forward to upcoming trips or events that are planned, but I also enjoy what goes on in the present. Mediation really helps me with that because in those 5 minutes of stillness, I’m getting rid of any mental trash that clouds my thinking.

As a gift to myself for certification, I got some new ink on my leg. My biggest tattoo…and the 3rd one from the very talented Ryan Henry at 9Mag Tattoo Studio. When I arrived at my appointment, he was like “So I heard you’re going big with this one?” He LOVES doing big tattoos, especially on fresh skin. He was able to go ham with this one…and that he did! You’d think I would have gotten a yoga-related tattoo since this was a gift to myself for finishing my certification class. Well, the lotus that I have is yoga-related…so that’s handled.

But I had to get something that said so much about me without me having to say anything. I thought a customized Chicago flag was perfect. The placement of my zodiac sign and basketball is intentional. And I love it. Totally worth the pain.

Well, I randomly decided that I want to run a 5K that my gym has every year. Not a big deal, right? Wrong! I hate running when I’m not on a basketball court. I’d rather ride a bike for a 3.1 miles than run. The name of the 5K is “Anyone Can Do A 5K”. Why not me? Training begins tomorrow (Today, as you read this). Y’all pray my strenf!

Rest well, Ellean "Elaine" Wafford-Williams and Sandra Bland.

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