Saturday, March 22, 2014

"There's nothing greater than the Sun"

There is something about waking up to the Sun peaking through my closed blinds that gives me hope in the morning. Hope that maybe the day on which I woke up will be better than the previous. Everyday this past week, I've looked forward to the Sun. Even on a cloudy day. 

With every sunrise is the beginning of a new day; a chance to start fresh. And on the day where the Sun is shining in all its glory; where I don't even have to turn the heat on in my car beause the Sun is outcheah; on a day when I feel some relief after dealing with simpletons who make me question how and why they make as much money as they do...Alzheimer's casts it's dark shadow over it. 

I'm tired.

Next week, it'll be a repeat.

I need a break.

K to the...

Monday, March 17, 2014

Music Monday - 3.17.14

It's no secret that I'm a music lover. My very first tattoo was because of my love for music. I can't help it. The older I get, the more appreciate it. It's not just the lyrics that move me, but I find myself paying more attention to the instruments. This is why I like to buy CDs because I can look at liner notes. If I buy an album from iTunes and it has a digital booklet...WIN!

Hello, my name is Kenya...and I'm a music addict.

There is an artist I've grown to appreciate more as I get older. His name is Stevland Hardaway Morris...BKA Stevie Wonder. Recently, my ears were blessed with "Songs in the Key of Life". I had read nothing but good things about this album. I was sure I had heard almost half of the songs on the album prior to me purchasing it, but I needed to hear the entire album because...Kenya.

Let me tell you. "Songs..." has been played multiple times, everyday, since I've bought it. The entire album is a beautiful piece of work. The way it flows, the lyrics, the instrumentation...LISTEN!

And it's a double album WITH bonus songs. Stevie was like "Oh, you thought I was done?'s some more."

I don't know when I'm going to stop playing this album everyday, but I do know this:

Stevland Hardaway Morris has to live forever.

K to the...