Monday, October 25, 2010

30 Day Challenge: #3 Letter to my parents

As you two know, "Jukebox" is one of my many nicknames. Both of you are some music heads; out jukin' while I was in mom's belly chowing down on Leon's BBQ and vanilla ice cream. So it was inevitable that I come out the womb having rhythm and constantly listening to music.

When I was little, I'd watch you two getcha step on. Pops, you were in numerous stepping contests and steady hitting up your Friday night steppers' set. Moms, I'd watch you in the living room jamming to V-103 and at the different house parties we'd go to. Stepping was so easy to you two.

But you know what...I'm a tad bit irritated. Why? Because, after all that watching, I still don't know how to turn properly when I'm stepping!!! You can't call yourself stepping without being able to do a snazzy turn! I have the basic movements...even jazz it up a lil. But when it comes to the turn, I instantly get two left feet. What's up with that, Mom? Dad? Where's my "turn-while-stepping" gene? I can do almost every dance that has come out in the past 10 years...even took a tap dance class last year...yet can't turn?

This needs to change ASAP. Who's gonna show me? You two talk it out, then let me know.

Your oldest,

K to the...

Friday, October 22, 2010

30 Day Challenge: #2 Letter to my crush

From the moment I heard "Spottieottiedopalicous" in h.s., I've been hooked. I was a freshman in college when "Stankonia" came out and to this day, that still album goes hard. I've nickname my humble abode "Stankonia" because of that album. I spent plenty days with the crew sophomore year zoning out to "Aquemini" as blunts were in rotation. No, I didn't and music was my high; and maybe a cup of Absolut and papaya juice when it was time to party. Don't judge me, sir.

Then y'all did the unthinkable, and came out with a double album, "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below". I loved both albums, but it was something about yours that resulted in it having more scratches on it than your partner's. At this point, I knew I couldn't call myself an Outkast fan, and not have the first two albums, so I copped (OK, burned) "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" & "ATLiens." Yess, you and ya boy have been a major part of my undergrad years.

When y'all came out with "Idlewild," I honestly didn't see it as an album...I saw it as a soundtrack. But regardless, I still bought it and went to see the movie. I swear, I was the only one in the theater geeked up, singing "Moving Cool," word-for-word while everyone else was like "What is this?"

There hasn't been an Outkast album since Idlewild...and I have been fiending. However, you've been featured on some of everyone's joints, From Devin the Dude to Chris Brown...KILLING IT! And your fashion style is inimitable. Some see you as odd, but to me...mmm...I'm going.

But anywho, no more features. I need an album with you on every Outkast album! Come on, Andre 3000...make it happen. And then help me scratch "Seeing Outkast in concert" off my bucket list. :-)

Crushing on you,

K to the...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Challenge: #1 Letter to my best friend

Dear HugMaNeck,

During the twenty plus years of friendship, we have watched each other grow from 1st graders to grown auss women. We have watched each other's younger sibling grow into beautiful young women. Now, it's almost that time to watch some of our own seeds grow to beautiful young women or handsome young men. With that said, I expect my god child to be conceived by 2012. Put the shut to the up...the sperm to the egg...and make it happen.

Love, Hug My Neck

P.S. Don't worry about when you'll get your godchild. This is about me and MY needs wants. lol

Random Rumblings 10.21.10

What up world!

I've seen folk do the 30 Prefixed topics...or 30 day letters for their blog. So I think I will be doing that. It will help me to update my blog more regularly.

So, coming later...a letter to my best friend.

K to the...