Monday, September 28, 2009

"..if not so, I'll be too too bad...when it comes to pink polka dots and plaid.."

Last week I said "They should never gave you niggas money...webcams and twitter."

Guess who's on Twitter now!

*smacks forehead*

Why? I was bored Friday night after din-din! Oknomorequestions!

There are times (ok, everyday) when I have random, ignant thoughts running through my head. And since I care, I don't want to take over folk's newsfeeds on fb by constantly updating my status. It grinds my gears when folk do that! So now, I can just tweet those multiple thoughts.

I can't believe I just used "I" and "tweet" in the same sentence.

So I'm at kdw824. Since my profile isn't set to can still check me out without having an account.

Am I a hypocrite? Yess! I have stepped over to the dark side. least I admitted it.

Am I an addict? Nah! I purposely don't have updates coming to my excuse my CPT responses if you @'ing me.

Yeah, I said "@'ing"

Have Marvelous Monday, everyone...and hug your neighbor. You may never know when you'll need some sugar for that Kool-Aid. The red "flavor" of course. ;-)

K to the...

P.S. Eight cool points to the person that knows where the title of this post comes from. Bonus cool points for those who've caught on to the titles of my previous posts.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Could it be I stayed away too long..."

Ladies, gents, cats, dogs and parrots too...lend me your optical orifice!!!

It's Wednesday! It's a Hump Day! *giggity...awriiight* So today I bring you some Hump Day Haphazardness.

a) I'm willing to bet 2 pennies that the people who can't park in between the lines in parking lots...were the same ones who couldn't color inside the lines in kindergarten!

2) Who's brilliant idea was it to show the Michael Jackson movie for ONLY two weeks? I mean do they not know of this man's impact on the universe? Even E.T. and ALF are coming back for this show.

C) They shoulda never gave you niggas money...webcams (Stephon Marbury) and Twitter (Fabolous)
Cc) Why do I know all about the goings ons of twitter, and I'm not even on there!?!?

IV) People who updated their crackbook statuses and twitter simultaneously are lazy! I mean, nobody on crackbook cares about what you're saying to "@uknouwantdis"

E) I swear, EVERY speech Obama has given has been broadcasted. At least once a week, on, there's a link to a speech he's about to give that can be watched live. I even saw a link to a speech he was giving his daughters after they had their firsts tests at their new school. WT!
Ee) Why are they writing a book about the Obamas' marriage? Did anyone write one about the Clintons' seeing as though good ole Bill had relations with that woman?

VI) I hope as Chris Brown tries to "clean up" his image, he gets some speech lessons and do exercises that will help him with his memory. Juicy mouthed with a touch of amnesia...not a good combo, CBreezy.
"I don't remember don't was like"

Definitely need more people!

G) I've heard of people doing some stupid ish, but making up email accounts to send "anonymous" emails is just plain stupid. Words of wisdom: the email can be traced back to the computer from which the email was sent. *Cue DJ Nehptes "You Big Dummy" juke mix* Let's smarten up, dummies.

viii) What is up with all these superstars getting exposed with these naked pics or sex tapes?

9) I have come across some of the weirdest/funniest internet lingo from NTTAWWT (Not that there's anything wrong with that) to WTDTA (Where they do that at?) to 2520. I can see it already, my mini-me coming home from kindergarten talking like this: "Ma, DYK that Kendal, was EUATC today and he GIT and had to SITC.
Translations: Ma, did you know that Kendal was eating up all the cookies today and got in trouble and had to sit in the corner (Not "sex in the city")

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

K to the...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Everyday a star is born...clap for 'em, clap for 'em...heeey!"

It's Tuesday and ya girl is feeling good. I mean, snoozing for only an hour as opposed to an hour and half can really change your mood in the morning. *side eye*

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE music. This love of music goes back to when I was younger....I'm talking during my gestational age. Yess, it's that serious. I remember it vividly*...February 1980-something, mmkay? Moms and Pops was jukin all while I was chillin in the was only right that I came out doing the same.

So, when the Troll was still losing teeth on the regular, she was taking dance classes. Well about 3-4 years ago, she took a form of dance and at the recital, I finally broke my silence and told my grandmother I always wanted to take this sorta dance class. She berated me for not saying anything. What is this form of dance?


CHALLOOOOOOOOOOOOONGE! *sprinkles powder on floor*

In 1989, Gregory Hines, Sammy Davis Jr and a young Savion Glover starred in the movie named "Tap". It was something about the sounds these guys made with their feet that interested me. Ion't know what it was, but ever since I saw this movie, I've been intrigued!

So here I am, 20 years later...this evening...going to my 2nd day of tap class. And I am geeked!!! If I can get some metal plates on some NIKE's on!!!

My beautician asked "Are you running out of things to do with your life?" I thought it was pretty funny. But no, I'm not running out of things to do with my life. Geez I'm only 22*!!! But if there is something I really want to do...I'm going to do it.

And I'm going to excel!!!

Like my guy, Real T@lk said, "I'm secretly the $#!t, and you don't even know it yet!"

So today I say, if you had your mind set on doing something...go for it. I'm tryna scratch things off my bucket should do the same!

PULPIT...and of course...CHUUUCH!!!

K to the...


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"There'll always be haters, that's the way it is..."

I saw comments on a friend's status this morning and I was inspired to speak on one of the words in the title of today's post. Like I say, "There's always one." I''m talking about:


I describe a hater as a person who secretly wants what you have, but since they don't...they proceed to diss in order to make themselves feel better for lacking. A hater can also be describe as someone whose a Debbie Downer or Bitter Bobby that always has something negative to say about your positive. I like to call these folk P.A.I.s*! Here's an example of something a true hater would say: "Look at this chick with her full-time job and trying to make moves. She's always smiling for some reason. She's cool with everyone! Look at her over there...just happy. I can't stand her!!!"

Please note, my definition does not include someone who doesn't agree with something you say. I see this is when the supposed haterism seems to come into play. Maybe I'm naive, but I'd like to think we, as adults, should be able to handle these little things in life called OPINIONS! So if I say blue is the best color, and you say green is...I wont call you a hater! I'll just call you color-blind.


So today, I beggeth you, my fellow readers...stop calling EVERYONE a hater and thinking everyone is hating on you. Katt Williams tells folk to reach a "hater quota" and folk just run rampant with it. Ugh! Maybe folk just don't want to hear you constantly talking about yourself. Or maybe...just maybe, folk simply don't like or too much care for you.

And that's fine.

I'm cool with ALOT of folk; then there are a select few I could do without in my life. Does that make me a hater? No! I can still be cordial, but as far as kickin' it, braiding each other's hair at sleepovers...negative!

I honestly don't know who all is hating on me...and personally, I don't care and I don't dwell on it. If you dwell so much on your "haters"...then you will become one...hating on those supposedly hating on you.

So I say..."Just live ya life!!!"

Heeeeeeyyy eeeeyyyy eey eeyyyyyy eey eeyyyyyy (Yess, Ms. Fenty)

Some of you may call my post hating on those who think they always have someone hating on them.

To you, I say...


That is all.

K to the...

*Pessimistic Auss Individuals. However, the "P" and "I" can be substituted...depending on one's mood.

Monday, September 14, 2009

"You think yo ish don't stink...but you are (Mr)s P.U...."

So everyone is talking about the VMAs and what 'Ye did last night. I just got one question:

What do you think was in 'Ye's cup last night?

I saw a pic of 'Ye with a bottle of Hennessy in his hand, but..."Man Naw" (Word to the Troll*)! He had to have been drinking something else before he brought the Hennessy. I think 'Ye was sipping on a Blue M'F'er. Four those who haven't indulged in "The Blue", let me explain. It's a DRANK that has four types of liquor in it...ToKillYa, Vodka, Gin & Rum topped off with some Blue Curacao! Two of them gets me roight and toight... a tiger (Yess, Goldmember)!

So I think 'Ye may have had 3 of them.

What do yall think 'Ye was sipping on?

K to the...

*Lil sis

Thursday, September 10, 2009

" sign is a Sag...this is just what I planned to do...oh don't be mad"

Yess, the title is a quote from Jay-Z.

Yess, I'm a Sagittarian!

Yess, Jay-Z and I have the same birthday!

Yess, I LOVE Blueprint 3!

Yess, I bought it the morning it came out and was ONLY 10 minutes late for work

Yess, I don't know what your life is about if you're a fan, and you don't have this album in your possession!

Yess, you are cheap for trying to download it or get it "for the low"...and not pay the $10...and you have a steady job!


Blueprint 3...CLASSIC!

Yess, someone disagrees.

Yess, I really don't care. lol

Hug a simple person today! Sometimes the world is just too complex for some.

Happy Thursday!

K to the...

Monday, September 7, 2009

"...go 'head and breathe it in like antihistamine."

Tomorrow is back to the real world for me, and I am SO ready. I was out sick with "strippers' throat"* pretty much all last week. So it feels good to burn some gas making that 30 minute drive to the gig.

Being out with nothing to do but watch Maury and catch Grey's Anatomy on Lifetime at 5p *wink*, I had a lot of time to think about ish. And if you really know me, then you know my mind is CONSTANTLY going.

Let me just say, being single when you're sick is the wackest ish EVER! Not saying I don't appreciate my family and friends, because I do. My best friend came by and brought me some soup...and she had just had the pee-new-moan-ya** a few weeks prior. But, neither my mom nor best friend can rub on my booty cuddle with me and tell me it'll all be better. That was the first time I was sick while living on my own, so it just sucked all around.

And I felt lonely!

That's right. I have alot of pride when it comes to my feelings towards men. I can cut a nigga off in a minute, but it takes ALOT for me to admit when I'm hurt by someone I really cared about. Guys who bribe me with basketball shorts don't fit into this category. *snicker* So I'm saying it...

I was feeling lonely last week for a couple days!

In my fantastically random mindset, "lonely" and "alone" can be broken down as follows:

Alone - By one's self
Lonely - By one's self, saddened by the fact you have nobody around to stroke your ego face and tell you "If you die, I'll kill ya, ya hear?" "I don't think you're beautiful, I think you're beyond it." "You complete me!"

But anywho, I said all that to say this...I'm joining a convent! I won't have to worry about anything concerning men because...I would be asexual. Then I won't have to worry about anything besides changing my underwear since my clothes are pretty much picked out! Now, that's the life, son!


This morning when I watched the sunrise for the last unofficial day of the summer, I asked God to continue to give me patience as I wait for the right one to come along for me. Folk always say "Let go, and let God"...well, I did that, so I'm done dwelling on it.


Until that one comes long for me, I'll continue to be entertained by niggas begging me to be their friends on facebook because they care about me being their friend!

Maybe I'll copy that message thread in my next post.


K to the...

*Strep throat. When my girl said she heard I had "strippers' throat," I died inside...because it hurt my throat to laugh out loud. :-)
**Pneumonia <----the correct spelling is just too damn unorthodox

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Muthaluva I'm ILL, not SICK...and I'm ok..."

Because laughter always makes me feel better (in addition to antibiotics), here's some funny ish I've been watching today. Not much fantastical randomocity going on this week...just tryna get well!

Enjoy the vids!

Where the cookies and s#!t?!?

Ke-ke....we at yo funeral!

Not just the city, the world, Craig! Been jacked by Santa Claus...

We don't need to run coordinator...