Monday, March 29, 2010

Who's Rude: Me, She, or Nature?

Hello, world!

This is a RUDE auss post, ladies and gents. I recently saw an old friend and forgot to tell my girl when I first saw him. Well, this morning, I told her and we had a grand ole rude auss time roasting. Below is our textvo!

P.S. We're not roasting simply to roast...the chick done did some grimey ish. Sooo...she deserves it

Rudeness #1: His boo is sooooooo funny looking.

Rudeness #2: Lol...ur so funny. Did he speak or did he try to play u?

Rudeness #1: He spoke, but gave the phony hug, then I realized that was her behind him.

Rudeness #2: That's funny...she is very funny looking though she looks worse with no happy for them though

Rudeness #1: She had no weave on...MESS!

Rudeness #2: Lol yes a hot mess!!!!! And I'm sure a face full of ugly makeup!!!! I hate to see her without it

Rudeness #1: It was dim...and she was still funny looking. lol Didnt see how she looked in the light.

Rudeness #2: u may have ran cause it is so not cute. Nice to have ur guard dog on standby for u at all that was wrong I didn't mean that lol

Rudeness #1: LMAO! U are rude as hell. LMAO!

Rudeness #2: LMAO...I apologize cause that was mean. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that

Rudeness #1: I'm still laughing

Rudeness #2: I know she was growling when u hugged [him]...she a very good and protective ok no more

Rudeness #1: LMAO! I hatechu!

Rudeness #2: No u don'

Rudeness #1: Lol Ok, i dont

Rudeness #2: Rudeness #3 calls her bridezilla and it has nothing to do with her attitude LMBO

Rudeness #1: Yall are so rude! lol

Rudeness #2: No her face and fat ass is rude and [he] is just cruel for bringing her out to terrorize the world lol...

Rudeness #1: LMAO

Rudeness #2: Ok but for real if he happy then so I am...that's what he loves...they will make beautiful babies...LMAO...ok i'm just reaching with that one

Rudeness #1: LMAO! Stop it...stop it right now! LMAO

Rudeness #2: U stop it...u started it LOL

Rudeness #1: Lol Nature started it...I just made an observation!

Rudeness #2: Sometimes Nature ain't even right!!!!! Just mean I say!!!!!!!!

Rudeness #1: LMAO! Stop it...stop it RAHT now

Rudeness #1: I'm making this convo blog post lol

Rudeness #2: Lol where u posting it?

Rudeness #1: To my blog...Imma do it this evening. lol

Rudeness #2: I didn't know u had a that convo was hilarity (new word)

Rudeness #1: I use hilarity on the reg. And negro, i texted yall about the blog when I first started it. lol

Rudeness #2: I'm sorry but where do I work again????? Right I'm becoming the people I work for lol

Rudeness #1: Lol contagious Alzheimers...thats a new strand

Rudeness #2: Ummm yeah...the pentagon is researching now lol

Rudeness #1: lol

Big ups and fat shouts to this fool for keeping me laughing all morning.

K to the...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Good morning world!

Life has been busy for me since the last post, but once “March Madness” (No NCAA) is done, then I should be back on track bringing your randomocity from my side of the world.

Today, I decided to end the hiatus for a good cause. Today, is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD)! Created by the Office of Women’s Health, NWGHAAD is March 10th of every year. Its goal is to serve as a day for women to come together to encourage dialogue and educate women and girls about the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its increasing impact.

Today is also the one year anniversary of The Red Pump Project…for whom I am the accountant. I know…my profession does NOT match my personality filled with ignance and randomocity.

But it’s what I do…what I love…and I’m honored to be a part of such a great team. Go Team Red Pump!

In commemoration of NWGHAAD, and in celebration of the Red Pump Project’s one year anniversary, The Red Pump Project will have their inaugural fashion show Rock the RED: Bold. Fashion. Awareness. The show will be held on March 25, 2010 . We will be honoring Emmy Award-winning HIV/AIDS activist Rae Lewis-Thornton with the "Ultimate Red Pump Rocker" Award. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, what is your life about!?! Get it together!

Well, work awaits me. You all have a lovely day. And ladies…rock those red pumps…red flats…red kix like you’re the sexiest beast in the world. Give life!

And if you juicing tonight..or any night…WRAP THAT S#!T UP B!!!

I’m just serious.

K to the…