Monday, January 27, 2014

J-walking...or something.

As someone who is a lover of fresh kicks, I didn't always have multiple pairs of shoes when growing up. I would get one pair of gym shoes every school year. I never asked my mom for a pair of Air Jordans because I knew damn well she wasn't paying more than $100 for some gym shoes. Plus, they didn't look all that great to me. 

Back in '98, during my sophomore year of high school, our boys' basketball team was the shiznit, mmkay? I remember Quentin Richardson being the first person I saw rocking these particular Js. Like I said before, Js weren't appealing to me...but these young ya digs were the flyest I had seen thus far! And they were in my favorite colors. Seeing those shoes everyday was like being around a married man. I could look...but I damn sure couldn't touch because I knew mom wasn't buying them for me. After a while, I stopped lusting for those shoes.

Fast forward to 2005. Those shoes I loved were retro'ed!

And I HAD to have them.

So at the age of 22, I bought my first pair of Jordans for $100. One of my buddies who worked at a Finishline in Texas shipped them to me.
Damn right, I still got them.
I love the shoes so much, that I got another pair as a gift when they were retro'ed again in 2010. Same style and color. I may have worn them less than 10 times. I'm not ashamed, either.

As of today, I now have 5 pairs of Js. The latest pair are all black Jordan 1s. I searched high and low for some all black kicks (because none of my gyms shoes are in solid colors) and finally found some...and they were only $60. 

*fist pump*

Moral of the story?

There is none.

Happy Monday.

K to the...

Friday, January 24, 2014

10 months...

Tuesday, the 21st, marked 10 months since I start my loc journey. The onliest downside of my hair growing has been my face breaking out. So, I change my pillow case more often, use less oil in my hair and went back to using good ole Dr. Earles cleansing system. I'm too light (in the winter) to have acne scars, son. This had to be handled.

The upside is still and will always be being able to wear hats. Yes, I put satin scarf on before putting on the winter hat to protect my edges.


Ain't I a (black) woman?
Look at those two locs unraveled.
We baby drapin in these streets!
Happy 10 months to my babies.

K to the...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yogi chronicles: The divine in me smells the funk in you

My Saturdays start with an 8:30am hatha yoga class. We warm up, on our own, then get into the practice...focusing on our breathing and intention. While we are getting to our "quiet place", our eyes are closed. Because I have a strong nose, I can smell what The Rock is cooking when someone is coming in after we start. The smells are usually fresh out of a dryer full of Bounty sheets.

But, there is one woman who is always late, coming in smelling like moth balls. I never smelled a dead body before. But I'm pretty sure the smell of moth balls is up there as one of the worst smells on earth. When she walks in, I have to refrain from saying "GAT DAMN!" and remained focused on my breathing and intention.

She needs to start showing up on time, dag nabbit!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

"Woke up this morning feeling fresh to def..."

Last Sunday, Jill Scott was in heavy rotation while on the road to take my lil sis back to school. My mom played her first album and while I was singing she was like "This came out during your freshman year at Bradley, right?" It was then that I realized that Jill Scott has been "with me" since I was 17 years old.

"Who is Jill Scott?" dropped on July 18, 2000. I played the hell outta that CD. I mean, hella scratches was on that joint. I remember when I first heard "He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)". I though it was one of the most beautiful songs. That was a love I wanted to (and did, at some point) experience.

Every one of Jill's albums has a song that speaks on what I'm going through at the time the album was released. From "There's Just Me" to "Golden" to "Celibacy Blues" to "Blessed"...Jill be singing my life with her words.

So, here is my personal ranking of Jill's studio albums:
  1. Who is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1
  2. Light of the Sun
  3. The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3
  4. Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2

Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So... 1.15.14

There have been two instances in the past month in which men have tried to imply that I like girls because one of my closest friends is bisexual. One was so blatant and loud with it while I conversed with a dude trying to get my number.

"Oh, she's confused...she likes pussy." O_o

I was going to write in detail about the situations, but the "f*** it" that has been ever-so-present in my soul during this 4th decade of my life says otherwise. I used to get perturbed about folk inquiring about my sexuality. Now, I just laugh. I really don't have to prove shit to anyone. Again, that "f*** it" in my system...

So, let me say this. If you feel like a woman being friends with a bi/homosexual woman makes that woman "like pussy"...


K to the...