Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So... 1.15.14

There have been two instances in the past month in which men have tried to imply that I like girls because one of my closest friends is bisexual. One was so blatant and loud with it while I conversed with a dude trying to get my number.

"Oh, she's confused...she likes pussy." O_o

I was going to write in detail about the situations, but the "f*** it" that has been ever-so-present in my soul during this 4th decade of my life says otherwise. I used to get perturbed about folk inquiring about my sexuality. Now, I just laugh. I really don't have to prove shit to anyone. Again, that "f*** it" in my system...

So, let me say this. If you feel like a woman being friends with a bi/homosexual woman makes that woman "like pussy"...


K to the...

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