Tuesday, December 14, 2010

30 Day Challenge: #17 Someone from your childhood


Amazing how our friendship ended because of a lie...dumb auss lie!

Let's recap:

You lost your virginity while I was away to school.
I came up on a gang of condoms.
I gave you some condoms because you were having sex, not me.
I got blamed for you having sex (while I was still a virgin)
I find out that you date girls.
I meet your girlfriend.
We catch up on life.
Then you tell me, "You know, I'm still a virgin."

*screeching wheels*

Wait a minute!!!

I didn't even have the heart to go back to November 2000 and remind you of the hurt I experienced...because you lied.
Your parents wouldn't let us talk anymore...because you lied.
Your "parents looked down on me...because you lied.
Your parents saw me as a bad influence...because you lied.

What a f***ing liar!!!

K to the...


  1. Well damn. Ain't that some sh... I never heard or don't remember this story. How sad. I know we shouldn't care what others think of us (her parents) but when its completely false, unnecessary, and assassinates your character it sure does hurt. Damn Kizzle.

  2. WOW, this was a rather interesting story. I usually only read your blog in my email but I had to comment. That is some dumb ass shit.

  3. Yall, I was so hurt when all that ish went down with her parents. I typed and erased about 3 different endings for this post. But, out of respect for her dad being on his dying bed (last I heard)...I kept it "classy".


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