Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Grown-up life: Overrated

What up! How's the new year treating folk, so far? I hope it's well. I'm on month two of my new year and it's not so bad. Been doing a lot of reflecting; especially on my employment situation and where I lay my head at night. Let me be honest, right now. [Not that I've been lying the previous 98 blog posts. I'm just being dramatical. ;-)] There were three main reasons I moved to Hammond, Indiana: To be closer to the beau, to be closer to the gym I frequent and love, and it's cheaper. Now that I'm single, folk might read the first reason in the previous sentence and judge me. To you I say this: So the hell what!

Anywho, the cost of everything is steady increasing, yet my pay is the same. So what does this mean?

*2Chainz voice* CUTBAAACKS!

I had to decide which monthly expenses I have could be decreased or eliminated. Then, Comcast went and charged me $1.99 for downgrading my plan, without telling me. So, Comcast was the lucky winner. I cancelled Comcast, signed up for Netflix, got AT&T Internet, and I'm saving a good $135 a month.


I'm trying to cut costs as much as I can because I don't wanna move back into the city; not with my current salary.  Maybe the suburbs; but not the city.  Would you be in a rush to go back to 10.25% sales tax on everything after living in a place where sales tax is 7% and there is no sales tax on food?  I didn't think so. 

K to the...


  1. You can get Hulu+ too if you have a streaming device (PS3, Google box, Roku). It's 8$/ month and shows a lotta shows the day after they air (so it's like DVR)

    1. The 5 shows I watch on the reg are online on the network's website the next day for free. So, no need for Hulu.

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  3. Sorry to learn you're no longer a Comcats customer. If there is anything that I can do to convince you to come back, please let me know.

    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations


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