Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Unpopular opinion

After work, I made an executive decision to go grocery shopping.  I spent $105 on groceries, and had this gourmet meal planned in my head.  Oh, it was gonna be delicious.  What do I fix when I get home?  Pancakes and turkey sausage.  That wasn't the damn meal I had in my mind while perusing the aisles.  Well, at least I have a fridge full of food.

With that said...here is my unpopular opinion on a few things as my 20s come to an end. (You like that segue, dontcha?)

Jhene Aiko
I first heard Jhene Aiko's voice on Kendrick Lamar's "Overly Dedicated" mixtape on "Growing Apart (From Everything)".  I thought she was dope on that song...then, I found out she released a mixtape entitled "Sailing Souls."  Since I liked her on the Kendrick Lamar joint, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a listen.  I was wrong.

It did hurt...hurt my soul, son.  That was damn near a year ago and I'm still suffering.  I can only listen to her when she ISN'T the only person on the song.  I've seen folk sing praises about her mixtape; folk tweeting her, begging for her to release new music.  No ma'am, no Pam!  I haven't deleted the mixtape from my external drive, though.  I have faith that one day I will try to listen to it again...while cleaning up the crib

American cheese
If I ever receive the awful news that I'm lactose intolerant, my soul would be hurt.  I love cheese.  In my salad, on my tacos, in my eggs...YESS YESS YESS!  CHEEEEESE.  American cheese was my first cheese love.  I used to sneak slices of cheese out of the fridge when my mom or grandmother were in the kitchen, and go indulge in my room; biting the slice into various shapes.  I was such a rebel!  So, I don't understand why I see so much American cheese slander.  Maugs treat American cheese like it's the Keri Hilson of cheeses...just straight disrespecting it.  What up wid dat!?  Slander brussel sprouts!  That ish is horrible!

In the past 5 years, cupcakes seem to have been on the rise as the perfect dessert to have. They come in so many flavors: lemon, red velvet, chocolate, vanilla bean, caramel, breast milk, etc.  Now, I do enjoy a good cupcake every now and then.  I just.  Don't.  Get.  The hype.  However, this comes from someone who gets excited when they have rainbow sherbet.  Dah well.  Maybe I'm just lame.  

I'll be dat.

So what do you (my 4 readers) not like that it seems a lot folk you know do like?  Or what do you like that those folk may not like?

K to the...


  1. Ok, so I have an intense hatred for anything brussel sprout and yet people try to trick me into liking them by pairing them with one of my favorites things of life - BACON. That's like putting lipstick on a pig. Prettying her up doesn't change what she is - a nasty pig.

    Cupcakes are cool but not enought to spend $10 for one. Now, homemade cake balls (stop snickering) are the bomb! Make a bunch with my Foreman-like grill-thing, frost them and put them on a stick like a sucker is fantastic (again, stop snickering).

    American cheese is the PWT of cheeses. I'm more of a Cosmopolitan Connoisseur of cheeses so I choose Swiss. On everything.

    Yep, cheese, bacon and cake balls (really, stop snickering) make my world go round!

    1. I didn't chuckle at cake balls until you said to stop. You lil perv. hahahah

  2. Practicality, function, and/or comfort aside, I think Crocs are one of the worst inventions ever of all time.

    And I'm also not a fan of pre-determined naps. Something about that just doesn't sit well with me as a grown man. At least when you announce it. I can't imagine ever saying out loud "Hey, can we reschedule that meeting? That's usually my nap time". Yeah...nah.

    1. LOL I never owned a pair of Crocs. Figured it was for those in the medical field.

      Yikes! I haven't had a pre-determined nap since college.

  3. Man, I'm a cupcake fanatic. It's cake... but in a cup. If you knew how much I loved cake you would understand why cupcakes are so perfect. The most I've spent on one was $5, but mogs buy Starbucks for the same amount daily. I just go like 2... 3 times a week. LOL!

    I loved American cheese until I found out it wasn't cheese, but pasteurized cheeze product. Now I've switched to deli Cheddar and I can sleep at night.

    When's your bday? Or did I miss it?

    1. Cheese product? Shat! Maybe I need to leave it alone, fa real. And, my birthday isn't till December.

  4. Well, we all know how I feel about cupcakes because I'm a fatty. However, I know chose to bake them myself. *cabbage patches* ummmm. American cheese is no longer my thing. I'm a provolone chick. *sips tea with pinky in the air* I'm never here for those who type in all caps. STOP YELLING!


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