Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 In Review...or som'n

So this year:
  • My car and I survived one of the worst winters Chicago has ever experienced.
    Bish, whet!?
  • I got my very first tattoo revamped.
  • My locs turned 1.
    Baby draperies
  • We celebrated the pending arrival of my goddaughter. I cried when I learned that we share a middle name.
    Da Squad...and London Danielle
  • I watched two become one, while enjoying the quiet, laid back life in Centralia, IL.
    Ow Ow!

    We may or may not have been drankin
  • I saw the hosts of my favorite podcast “The Read” cut up in person.
    Kid Fury and Crissle
  • I went on prom. Planetary Prom, that is.

    Paper corsage courtesy of my twinsie,

  • I celebrated 6 years in Sigma
  • I saw my favorite rap group, Outkast, in person.
  • I loved. I dare not say that I lost because it was nothing but gains acquired after letting that situation go.
  • Rode on a Segway for the first time. 
    • Anyone got $7K to spare so I can buy my own?

      My whip for 2 hrs and my city
  • Drove to Toronto with a few members of Da Squad and had a blast!
  • Nike World Basketball Festival came to Chicago’s south side and I was like a kid in the candy store. So much basketball. Basketball will always be #bae.
  • Yeen know!
    Summertime Love
  • I flew solo dolo to Italy to hang with my bff, her husband, and my goddaughter for 10 days. Venice, Vicenza, Vo, Verona, V for Vendetta. Best vacation ever, by far.
    • By the way, the background pic for my blog is a pic I took of the Grand Canal in Venice.  

      Venice during the day

      Venice at night
  • The Monday after I returned from vacation, I stepped out on faith and put in my two-week notice before receiving a start date for my “new” old gig.
  • I started my 200 hour certification class to become a yoga instructor.
  • I celebrated the arrival of 32.
    Suns out, abs out
    • I need to stretch before attending parties at which I know I'll be dancing.
How will I bring in the new year? With Netflix, pizza and wine.

Thanks for continuing to read the randomness that I post. Happy New Year!

K to the...


  1. I love you twinsie! Feliz Año Nuevo and best wishes for an even awesome new year! Love you sis!!!

  2. Loved the tattoo. Jealous about Outkast. Super cool black girl goes to Italy. Congrats on your locs. They look great!


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