Friday, January 30, 2015

Becuase it's almost February...

...and I didn't want January to go by without me posting something, I am sharing with you a cut from an album I've been playing all week. I bought the album on iTunes, but I'd love to find the vinyl for this.

Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 In Review...or som'n

So this year:
  • My car and I survived one of the worst winters Chicago has ever experienced.
    Bish, whet!?
  • I got my very first tattoo revamped.
  • My locs turned 1.
    Baby draperies
  • We celebrated the pending arrival of my goddaughter. I cried when I learned that we share a middle name.
    Da Squad...and London Danielle
  • I watched two become one, while enjoying the quiet, laid back life in Centralia, IL.
    Ow Ow!

    We may or may not have been drankin
  • I saw the hosts of my favorite podcast “The Read” cut up in person.
    Kid Fury and Crissle
  • I went on prom. Planetary Prom, that is.

    Paper corsage courtesy of my twinsie,

  • I celebrated 6 years in Sigma
  • I saw my favorite rap group, Outkast, in person.
  • I loved. I dare not say that I lost because it was nothing but gains acquired after letting that situation go.
  • Rode on a Segway for the first time. 
    • Anyone got $7K to spare so I can buy my own?

      My whip for 2 hrs and my city
  • Drove to Toronto with a few members of Da Squad and had a blast!
  • Nike World Basketball Festival came to Chicago’s south side and I was like a kid in the candy store. So much basketball. Basketball will always be #bae.
  • Yeen know!
    Summertime Love
  • I flew solo dolo to Italy to hang with my bff, her husband, and my goddaughter for 10 days. Venice, Vicenza, Vo, Verona, V for Vendetta. Best vacation ever, by far.
    • By the way, the background pic for my blog is a pic I took of the Grand Canal in Venice.  

      Venice during the day

      Venice at night
  • The Monday after I returned from vacation, I stepped out on faith and put in my two-week notice before receiving a start date for my “new” old gig.
  • I started my 200 hour certification class to become a yoga instructor.
  • I celebrated the arrival of 32.
    Suns out, abs out
    • I need to stretch before attending parties at which I know I'll be dancing.
How will I bring in the new year? With Netflix, pizza and wine.

Thanks for continuing to read the randomness that I post. Happy New Year!

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Monday, December 22, 2014

#MusicMonday - OK, I get it.

I've chronicled my thoughts on Jhene Aiko in prior blog posts. Looking at my history, it seems I've touched on the topic of her music every year since 2012 in the following posts:

In the "Randomocity" post, I stated that she was growing on me. I was listening to a couple of Stacy Barthe mixtapes and it was something about her voice that reminded me of Jhene. So, I'm like "If I dig Stacy, then I have to give Jhene another chance." So, I started adding "Sailed Out" in my rotation and I dug it. Then she released "Souled Out" and I really liked what I was hearing.

This past Saturday, I attended a concert that she headlined. Her opening acts included The Internet (Already loved them), and SZA (I LOVE her stage presence.) Jhene comes out and the first song she performs is "Limbo Limbo Limbo." I turned to my girl and said "I'm going to like this album more after this concert." Sure as sh!t stinks...

I can officially say I am a Jhene Aiko fan. I said I wouldn't give up on her...and I didn't. 

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Friday, December 5, 2014


I've had some great birthdays, but something about yesterday's birthday was different. It was more than joy...yesterday was full of bliss. From the moment I woke up till I went to sleep.

Like I've stated before, this certification program has made me more aware of what's going on around me. When in undergrad, I made plans up to the age of 30. Here I am at age 32 and none of the shit I planned in undergrad has come to fruition. But my life has still been so gat damn dope due to other unplanned occurrences. Through all the heartbreak, a quarter-life crisis (oh, it's real!), stupid decisions...I am still here. That thought crossed my mind yesterday morning and tears flowed.

Here's to another year of dopeness!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Basketball Chronicles: Getting all choked up

Some of my favorite classes in undergrad were sociology classes. Every time I go play ball, I feel like I’m in “Sociology 300: Men Who Act Like How ONLY Women Supposedly Act, As If Men Aren’t Human Beings.”

So, there is a game going on, and I can hear this one guy going off on the other end of the court. He does it so much, I don't bother trying to figure out the reason. So, the play comes down to the end of the court where I was shooting around. The guy who was going off gets bumped out of bounds by the person whom, I believe, he fouled on the other end. Rage is fully activated at this point. Someone pass me the popcorn!

Let me back up a bit.

The rager is shorter than me…5’4” at the most. His target? At least 5’11”.

OK, I’m back.

The rager pushes his target. Then proceeds to put his hands around his neck and chokes him as he is pushing him back. I’ve seen this dude go off before, but what was noticeable this time was that NOBODY tried to stop it. I guess folk were tired of his shenanigans. And I definitely wasn’t going to get in between two grown men. Sheeeiiiiiiiid!

The court monitor doesn't say anything. But a lady who works at the front desk just so happens to be in there and sees it. She tells him he has to go. He tries to plead his case or whatever, and walks out of the gym. A few minutes later, he walks back in and the lady who initially told him he had to leave is following him. Words are exchanged, and he then says “you’re a dumbass bitch.”

*screeching wheels*

That might be the last time I see that guy play ball in that place. He just might be banned for life because not only did he disrespect a fellow member; he disrespected an employee.

Maybe he should try some yoga.

K to the…

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yogi Chronicles: Three Years

It's been three years. Three years since I took a step to move on. Three years since stepped on a yoga mat for the first time. Three years since I questioned why I signed up, but decided to keep going.

Three years later, I take time to write here on my blog instead of in my journal that I've been writing in for the past 45 days. A journal that I write in after my daily practice that has had my alarm going off at 5a every morning, even on the weekends. A daily practice that is part of an ongoing homework assignment.

I am currently enrolled in a 200 hour certification class so that I can teach yoga. In addition to an increase in how much I practice, the reading, practicing how I'm going to teach, there is also daily meditation. It is because of this meditation, I'm learning so much about myself. I'm more aware of my surroundings. I pay more attention to my body. I'm more aware of what I put into the universe (which has been a challenge today given the fact Darren Wilson is a free man). My relationship with God is strengthening.

I can go on and on.

One of the biggest signs of the change within me is my current place of employment. A month ago, I returned to a place of employment that I absolutely hated waking up for 2 1/2 years ago and I couldn't be happier.


If you had told me three years ago that I'd be studying to be a yoga instructor, I'd think you were crazy; especially after that first downward-facing dog. I would think I'd be a basketball coach (in which I have no interest, believe it or not) before being a yoga instructor.

Yet, here I am.

All because of what I did on this date, three years ago.


Monday, November 24, 2014

What year is it?

I'm back to taking the train to work, so I have a lot of time to just stare out the window and let my thoughts flow. I was recently thinking about aging and #nshit, since the birthday is approaching. I usually start to get excited for the birthday around Thanksgiving. This year the birthday is exactly a week after Thanksgiving. Thanks, Pope George XII!

Sidenote: My original due date was November 17th. I was born on December 4th. That is one helluva delay!!! HOV! <>

Anywho, a high thought came to me while sober. Though I haven't officially turned 32 yet, I am currently in the 32nd year of my life.

I swear I was sober when this came to mind. Stay with me here.

They sell stickers so you can take pics of your baby when they hit their monthly milestones up until their 12th month on Earth. These pics are documenting, what? Your baby's first year on Earth. After they hit the one year mark, they are on to their 2nd year of life.

The reason I bring this up because whenever something good has happened in the past 11 1/2 months, I've said "Year 31 is showing out!" or something to that effect.

But's Year 32.

Or is it?

Well, I barely look, whatever!

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