Monday, August 12, 2013

#31WriteNow Day 12 - Basketball Chronicles: How Old Are We?

As the hoop session was winding down yesterday, we were a couple of players short to run a full.  So, two older guys who usually play half-court decide to joins us.

Game is going, I call out the score every time a team scores.  My team has had the lead for the majority of the game.  So, I call out the score of 9-7.  Now, it's an issue to the older dudes.  I'll refer to them as Grandpa #1 and Grandpa #2.  In #1's mind, the score is 7-7.  Nobody has said anything about the score all game.  Now that the other team is down...they want to complain about the score.

Also known as "cheat".  I can't stand a cheater.

So, everyone (except me) agrees the score is 7-7.  I don't call out the score anymore.  #1 and #2 proceed to talk shit to me for the rest of that game, and the two following games.  Nobody else...just me.  

At one point, #2 mocks my voice.  


Obviously, it was 1992, and I was on the playground during recess.

K to the...


  1. So really what the hell is wrong with these older guys that they have nothing else bette to do than to pick on a WOMAN playing basketball with them? Who really does that? Just play the damn game. And those other fools were probably in agreeance with them about the score, because GOD forbid they actually have backbone and the balls to go along with the girl on the court!!!! Men are complete and total idiots I swear.

    1. I really do hoop with grown ass kids. They're actually worse than the idiots at the Y..."that I DO know."


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