Sunday, August 25, 2013

#31WriteNow Day 25 - 1 Space, 2 Space, Red Space, Blue Space

My sister from another mister, T-race, posted a status on Facebook a couple of months ago that blew my mind.  She had learned that hitting the space bar twice after a period is for typing on a typewriter.


So, I've been trying to break this double-space-after-period habit, outside of work emails, and I've been struggling.  During this blog challenge, sometimes I single-space after a period; sometimes I double-space.  And I don't have the time (read: I don't really feel like) going back to check spacing at the end of all of my sentences. Even in this paragraph, you can see the struggle.

One day, I'll get it together.

Happy Sunday

K to the...


Please remove your shoes and leave them at the door.