Monday, August 19, 2013

#31WriteNow Day 19 - Eh...

During the interview for my current place of employment, I asked about the hierarchy within the finance department. I accepted the offer with intentions of, one day, being able to get this manager position that was mentioned during my interview.  On the first day of work, I learned that position doesn't even exist.

I could have stayed my ass at my previous place of employment.

Needless to say, I'm not happy. I addressed this during my 6-month-that-was-done-10-months-after-my-start-date employee review. Favoritism shown, low employee morale, Bitter Betty, being told I don't have enough work because I get my work done in a timely manner...bullshit.

I feel stuck. The job search hasn't been going well.  I refuse to accept another job just to get away.  That's how I ended up in this current situation.

After randomly taking a day off last week, I can't shake this idea of decreasing my hours at work. If I can get a day off every other week just to have a break from hell, then I will take it.

My last job turned me into someone that I really didn't like the last two years I was there. I refuse to let this job turn me back into that person.

K to the...

Update: My buddy in payroll said working a half day every Friday might be accepted more than having a day off every other week.  I'll take it.


  1. It sucks that you were mislead about the manager position. It also sucks that you now feel stuck in a company/job that you dislike this much. But it's fantastic that you are taking initiative to create a scenario that will work better for you. Once you are back in that positive space and frame of mind, the jobs will come.

    Believe that!


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