Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ok, We Get It: STHU Edition

Lately, there have been recurring topics coming up in my lifespace and I'm at the point where I'm tired of hearing about it. I'm at the point where I'd rather watch a football game in silence because the commentators go on and on...and on about the same thing. I usually shout at the TV "Ok, we get it!"

So today's post is dedicated to those recurring topics.

Ok, we get're natural. I am too...and so were the Cabbage Patch Dolls.

Ok, we get didn't like Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls". I don't expect you to buy the DVD when it comes out. Matter of fact...

Ok, we get don't like Tyler Perry.

Ok, we get it...there are Black men on the DL who get HIV/AIDS and give them to their spouses. If I have to see this in another movie/TV show...

Ok, we get love/hate Kobe and Lebron James.

Ok, we get want twitter to fix your follower/following/tweet count because the wrong numbers is detrimental to your twitter health. Guess what...#NobodyCaresB

Ok, we get it...racism is still alive.

Ok, we get're tired of these fools out here putting 22s on their cars, living the good life...but still living with their...single black mothers (see last point)

Ok, we get don't like Nicki Minaj or Lil Wayne.

Ok, we get're tired of the "Free [Jailed Rapper]" movement.

Ok, we get it...a lot of the rap music today is wack.

Ok, we get're not gay.

Ok, we get are gay.

Ok, we get it...your sorority/frat is the best and you can't see yourself wearing any other colors. No sheeit...otherwise, you'd be in those other colors. (And this is from someone in a sorority).

Ok, we get have haters. I don't recall reading in Matthew, Mark, Luke OR John about Jesus constantly talking about His haters.

Ok, we get it...Black women are so difficult because we have children out of wedlock, get on welfare, buy our kids Jordans, have high standards, have too many degrees, get relaxers, rock lacefronts, we're too independent, don't cook, rock Skittles-colored hair, consider dating outside of our race, don't give fellatio between 1p - 2p, our number of sex partners is too high for your comfort, we don't like for our hair to get wet, we take birth control, blah blah and more effing blah.

Ok, we get're a [astrological sign] till the day you die. However, you really don't have a choice, do you?


Anything else I miss? Feel free to share.


  1. This is hilarious. Especially since I'm guilty of about 10 of these. Once I get started on a rant there's no reeling it in. *go takes a timeout*

  2. lol It's ok, T! We all have our moments.


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